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Customer Testimonials

At Vision, we constantly strive to help municipalities produce superior online experiences for their communities. As a result, our customers have been recognized with hundreds of awards for the quality of their websites' content, design and technology.

Shelly Klein

Communications Specialist

"We were existing Vision customers with an older version of their CMS… The upgrade process was simple, and all of the features we were looking for on our new homepage now exist. Our visitors can easily access the most frequently visited areas of our site from the homepage, and we can edit those options at any point in the future.”


Jeremy Williams

IT Manager

"Vision helped make our website upgrade process easy. Their government expertise was an essential component of the overall design process. Taking a data-driven approach to the website redesign aided in cleaning up the years of content clutter and information that was either not visited or hard to find. The Content Management System is the easiest and most intuitive software we’ve ever used. The easy-to-use software has turned non-tech people into webmasters in a very short timeline."

Olathe, KS Logo

Michael Copeland


"Our goal was to make the experience easier for those who visit the website and conduct business with the City of Olathe. We’re excited that the new website prominently features the most-frequently requested service topics with action icons on the homepage."


Shannon Dale

IT Coordinator II

"Redesigning our website was a massive project, but working with Vision made it significantly easier than anticipated and enjoyable. The project manager was great to work with and kept things very organized. Their customer service is exceptional and they make great efforts to resolve issues quickly."


Mike Ekey

Communications Manager

"Vision applied real thought, science and data analysis behind the recommendations that drove our site development decisions. We weren’t just redesigning the website to make it look pretty, we were designing it to be functional."


Zach Nash

Communications & Marketing Manager

"Before the redesign, employees didn’t have confidence sending residents to our website for information. Now, with improved content, mobile responsiveness and more, it’s a valuable resource that serves employees and residents."


Tom Kuttenberg

Director of Community Relations

"Our new website is visually appealing and easy for residents and staff to navigate. The CMS is efficient and simple to learn for staff to make daily updates on the site.”


Maggie Hrdlicka

Management Information Specialist

"Vision helped take the City of Janesville’s ideas from concept to reality by providing exceptional customer service and project management. Governmental entities have an obligation to be transparent by providing access to great quantities of data. Vision Internet assisted the City of Janesville in presenting the information citizens desire in an intuitive and visually appealing manner."

Steven Wright

Director of Public Information & Communications

"Through our partnership with Vision, Mesa was able to move away from cumbersome manual processes and provide content managers with easy to use tools to better maintain the site. The improved quality of content combined with a vibrant, streamlined front end has created a superior experience for our customers."


City of Millbrae logo

Angela Louis

City Clerk

"From the beginning, our project manager was patient, responsive and helpful. He took the time to understand our goals and needs and delivered exactly what we envisioned. Now that we’ve launched, the feedback has been very positive. Our residents especially love the fact that it’s easy to access from mobile phones and tablets"


Ashley Downton

Communications Specialist

"The website design process went much smoother than I could have predicted. Design for our committee can be complex. The justification that went into the "why" before we talked about the "what" made the case. The analytics, heat maps, research, etc. made it easy for us to approve the "what" - the designs."


Brett White

Digital Media Coordinator

"Vision somehow managed to make the process of a website redesign and migration a pleasant experience. Combine that with outstanding customer support and a final product that's perfectly in tune with our vibrant city, and you have a recipe for a long-lasting relationship. They have been and continue to be...fabulous!"


Sarah Macdonald

Communications Officer

"Today, residents expect the same level of innovation and transparency from government as they do from consumer products and services around the world. To meet this expectation, the City of San Marcos' new website showcases an improved design with the most popular items right up front, making it easier than ever to navigate the site."


Aaron Qualls

Director of Planning & Economic Development

"The City of Sandpoint's new website is not only visually stunning -- supporting our economic development efforts -- but is also much more usable by citizens and City staff. The positive feedback from users is consistent with what our analytics data shows: a dramatic decrease in drop-offs from our home page since the redesign. There is no overstating what a massive improvement our new site is from the old. Thank you Vision!"

Joseph Satre


"From the initial consulting to our website launch, Vision was an outstanding partner in our website redesign project. Every unique request or requirement was successfully managed and implemented by our Project Manager and Vision’s design team. Through this partnership with Vision, we were able to achieve our goal of creating a new Carver County website that is easy to navigate, functional, visually appealing and meets the needs of our citizens."


Anne Curtis

Chief Communications Officer

"Vision worked with our internal team to create, design and implement a new site that hits all of our key objectives: it’s intuitive for the end user, the CMS is straightforward and easy to use – and the site looks terrific! The Vision team was responsive to our specific requests and requirements, and their onsite (and ongoing) training was exceptional. We are extremely pleased with our new website and would recommend Vision to government agencies seeking a fresh, user-friendly approach to online government access."


Anthony Wilson

Public Information Officer

"We could not have had a better experience with Vision. Everyone was super responsive, patient, very helpful and positive throughout the entire project. Any time we needed guidance, our project manager was there for us. The Vision Team went above and beyond. They were as invested in the website as we were, and we truly appreciated that!”


Northport, FL Logo

Erin Bryce

Community Outreach Manager

"Our website is one of the most powerful tools we have to keep the North Port community engaged and informed, which is why this redesign is integral to our overall communication strategy."

Tom Lorenz

Director of Communications and Community Relations

"In the old days, City employees were siloed, and most of them didn’t know what other departments were doing. Now they are educated on what’s happening in the City as a whole, and support each other. The same is true for our citizens. Our website is helping to unite the city. "


John Bernstrom

Communications Specialist

"With any technology, you need the good foundation of a website, which we have now. Vision’s content management system has given us infinite space to expand and enhance our site. It’s exciting to have an idea and then have the tools in hand to create a cool new way to communicate with the public. "

Susan Gwiasda

Public Relations Officer

"As a university community, we have a large, tech-savvy population and all our information must be easily accessible on the web. Our new site perfectly blends our desire for an attractive, user-friendly design with the functionality needs of our citizens."


Diane Piche

Computer and Information Systems Manager

"In less than six months, our new site has drawn more visitors than our old site did in six years. That’s the community engagement we were looking for."


John Smith

IT Manager

"Upgrading to visionLive and redesigning our website provided all of the benefits our city council was looking for - a vibrant and appealing home page, lots of ways to easily find information, and new features and applications that we can activate as needed. "


Rigo Leal

Public Information Officer

"The site’s responsive design is a quantum leap forward from the old site. The ability of the new site to resize and reconfigure for optimal viewing on a desktop, laptop, iPad or smartphone has been a huge plus. From a resident’s perspective, it’s an easy to use, optimized experience; from a content manager’s view, it means developing and maintaining just one site for all devices instead of creating several unique web pages."


Monterey County, CA Logo

Eddie Urena

Systems Programmer Analyst

"Working with Vision provided the County with a modern website which focuses on finding information with ease while showcasing the beauty of California's central coast. Their vast knowledge of government made our transition a timely, comfortable experience."


West Chester, OH Logo

Barbara Wilson

Director of Integrated Multimedia & Marketing

"Vision was a supportive collaborator as we made the transition from a traditional government website to one more reflective of our sophisticated and dynamic community. Excellent trainers and an exceptional project manager made the process seamless and allowed us to move at our own pace through the design, training and implementation process."


Westbrook, ME Logo

Bill Baker

Assistant City Administrator

"Vision has, hands-down, the best designers in the business, competitive pricing and a powerful CMS. In choosing Vision, we not only got a great looking site, but a much easier way for users throughout our organization to update information and contribute content. "


Missoula County, MT Logo

Anne Hughes

Communications & Projects Director

"Missoula County's new website is such an improvement. It's easier to navigate, provides greater functionality for the public and our employees, and has reinvigorated our commitment to ensuring transparency and engaging our users."


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