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visionLive is a subscription-based Content Management System (CMS) and service plan that equips you with the technology, support, training and insights to keep your website relevant and effective – now and in the future.



"Vision's data-driven approach helped us figure out how the site could function better for residents and businesses, and gave us the information we needed for the foundation of our new website."

 - Sara MacDonald, Communications

So What Makes Us Different?


Your community’s needs will evolve over time. visionLive puts more control in your hands to make changes to your site’s design and content.


Vision was the first local government website developer to implement responsive design and continues to lead the way in mobile-first design and CMS functionality.


Local government agencies must ensure content is available to all residents. That’s why visionLive gives you the education and tools to maintain a compliant site.

Comprehensive Functionality & Enhancements

More than 30 components are available with visionLive to help you manage key government functions like job applications, facility reservations and more.
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In addition to the core functionality, we are constantly enhancing the CMS with the latest technology to build your toolset over time. If you are a Vision customer and would be interested in participating in our beta testing group or meeting with our product team to discuss how the CMS could better meet your needs, contact us.


Featured Component: visionMobile Designer

A mobile-responsive website will automatically resize content to fit a variety of screens, but sometimes you need to adjust content for your mobile site to make it easier to read and understand on a small screen.

visionMobile Designer allows you to move, hide and reorder content for your mobile site, optimizing the experience for your mobile visitors.

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Ongoing Training & Education

Maintaining an effective website requires knowing how to leverage technology to create a delightful digital experience for your community. visionLive includes on-going training and education to help you get the most out of your website, including:

  • On-going New User Training
  • Monthly Training & Trends Webinars
  • On-demand Training Videos
  • Quarterly Trends Newsletter
  • Regional User Conferences

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Hosting & Security

visionLive subscribers enjoy comprehensive hosting services designed to ensure optimal website performance, protection and security.

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Speak with a government website specialist to learn more about how Vision can help you improve your website.

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