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Communication with the public is a vital city function, and the new website uses the latest tools to ensure the city provides essential information to anyone who visits the site.

Howard Fishman
City of Hermosa Beach

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Responsive Design with visionMobile Designer™

Viewing Mesa Website Across All DevicesAll Vision websites are implemented with Responsive Web Design (RWD) ensuring content automatically resizes to fit mobile, tablet and monitor screens.

While RWD will make your site viewable on all devices, there may be times where you will want to adjust content to make it easier to read and understand on small, mobile screens. As part of Vision’s mobile-first approach, our visionMobile Designer allows you to optimize your mobile site by:

  • Moving content
  • Hiding content
  • Reordering content

The result is an optimized experience for your mobile visitors, who will be able to more easily access the content you want them to see. According to Vision’s analytics, 33% of local government website traffic was mobile in 2015, meaning this tool will allow you to serve a significant portion of your customers like never before.

Interested in learning more about visionMobile Designer?  Download our Mobile Strategy Infographic or contact us to schedule a demonstration.
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