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Municipal Website Unites Expansive N.J. Community

Franklin Township Featured in New Video Case Study by Vision Internet

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, NJ. (October 7, 2014) Enhanced public safety. Timely updates. Forty percent increase in usage. The power to unite a community. 

Those are some of the benefits shared in a new video analyzing the value of Franklin Township’s state-of-the-art municipal website, www.franklintwpnj.org, designed by the government website experts at Vision Internet and launched in January 2014.

The website makeover was an effort to solve the problems inherent in outdated website technology that made information hard to find and timely updates virtually impossible, as well as to unite a community comprised of unincorporated enclaves, historic villages, six zip codes and four area codes.

“We’re a very large municipality and historically there has not been a strong sense of identity among the individual villages that are part of Franklin Township,” said Township Manager Robert G. Vornlocker. “The new website is the one thing we have that can touch every Township resident in a meaningful way on a daily basis. It has the power to bring people together to foster a stronger sense of community.” 

Six months after the website’s launch, the Township partnered with Vision Internet to hold an open Community Digital Forum with residents and IT leaders from throughout Central New Jersey to share the steps it took to search for a government website vendor, launch the new site and explain the new features that were proving most valuable. 

Franklin Township IT Director Justin Heyman told forum participants that response to an online survey and face-to-face citizen feedback continues to be overwhelmingly positive.
“In 2013, our old site had 85,000 unique visitors. This year, we had 60,000 in just the first six months, which puts us on track for a 40 percent increase in site visitors. And the number of pages viewed by each visitor has been cut in half, meaning they are finding what they need quicker than ever,” he said.

High on the list of website benefits is the public safety value of being able to post important information for Township residents in real time, a capability Township officials did not have when Hurricane Sandy struck the area in October of 2012.

“We now can post information on the run, from any device,” Vornlocker said. “This is especially important for our police department, which frequently needs to get information out to residents about temporary road closures due to accidents or weather emergencies.”

Other features that are big hits with residents include an eNotification system, social media links, visionMobile™ responsive web design, and an online Job Application Management feature added in the months following the initial website launch.  

Click here to view the brief video with Franklin Township Manager Robert Vornlocker and IT Director Justin Heyman.

For more information about Vision Internet’s transformative government website technology, call 888-263-8847 or visit visioninternet.com/inforequest.

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