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In The News: Getting You Hired – New Job Application Tool for Local Government

Vision Internet’s new Job Application Manager takes center stage during GovLoop’s State and Local Spotlight interview

By Emily Jarvis GOVLOOP — Getting a government job can seem like an uphill battle and the application process can be brutal and bureaucratic. But now the people at Vision Internet have created a tool to help streamline the process for local governments. I recently sat down with Ashley Fruechting the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Vision Internet to discuss the new tool. 

She told me during GovLoop's State and Local Spotlight interview that the Job Application Manager tool evolved from the notion that applicants and HR managers alike deserved a more cohesive and efficient application process.

"We created the Job Application Manager because we saw a need from our clients to provide a more streamlined way to receive and process the applications from those interested in working for their organizations. A lot of the tools that are out there limit the number of applications that can be put on the site or they have to be done in a very standardized manner. We wanted to create something that would give our clients more flexibility to be able to customize the applications for specific jobs and streamline the process," said Fruechting. 

How does the tool save time and money?

"From a big picture perspective it saves time by eliminating the need for the applications to be printed off and then brought into the office and processed manually. With the tool someone within the HR office or whomever is reviewing the applications, can log into the system and see all the applications together at once. They are able to quickly rank all the applications that they receive and process them in a standardized way. The other thing that can be done is if particular criteria was not met on the application, the application can be automatically rejected. The tool can provide a way to make sure they are paring down the applications to qualified ones from the beginning, instead of manually processing all of those applications," said Fruechting. 

About Vision Internet
Headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., Vision Internet is a national leader in government website development with more than 500 government, non-profit and education clients in U.S. and Canadian communities with populations that range from less than 1,000 residents to more than 5 million. The company creates cost-effective solutions that increase government efficiency, transparency and interactive communications with citizens. Over the past 18 years, the company has earned hundreds of prestigious awards for its unique websites, including numerous 3CMA Savvy Awards. In 2013, Vision Internet launched visionCMS™, a powerful, easy to use content management system developed with feedback from hundreds of municipal clients.

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